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Complete line-TK root
Complete line-TK root
Complete line-TK root
Product Code : TK-root
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Complete line of the root  vegetables washing machines consist of the following machines but to offerring the exact suitable machines to you,it is  better to saying us the specification,product capacity,kind of the products which to be washed,and if you have some special local condition 

1- Feeding & destoner machine model DS-51

application: De-stoning of the  delivered products and then feeding the next device by the conveyer

2- Rotary Inspection machine model IN-32

application: Inspecting of the root vegetables such as onion , potato and etc by the rotary moving to  removing of the damaged products

3- Peeler & polisher model RP-18

application :peeler & polisher fruit & root vegetables up to 2000 kg/h programmable for different kind of vegs

4- Or for onion ,you could install the onion peeler OP-21 on this stage instead

application:OP-21 processes up to 1800 onions per hour depending on the onion size which ranges from 40 mm to 120 mm diameter.

5- Inspection table model IN-31

application:lift inspection table  suitable for fruit and root vegetable up to 1500 KG/H

6- Washing tank model RW-26

application:Root vegetable washing machin up to 2000kg/h Suitable for fruits & root vegetables such as carrot, potatos, beets, mushroom and many others

7- Automatic Dewater Model DW-11

application:Dewaterer and Deoiler machine suitable for vegetable processing plant programmable with motor drive and internal P.L.C

8- Slicer & Dicer model SD-61

application:Good at cutting of the root stock,dice cutting specially for the potato,yam,onion,green pepper,mango,pine apple,apple and etc.

 Cutting size 3-20 mm and not adjustable

Water consumption of the line about 300 liter per hour
Power consumption about 6 KW/H
All sheets are made by the 304 stainless steel 
All parts are washable according to the GMP and FDA regulation.


Features Machine wash vegetables and fruits
Design : TK-Root
Capacity : Up to 2000 KG per hour
Power Requirements : 6 KW/H
Weight : 0
Application : De-stonner , Washing , dewatering and cutting
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