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Complete Line (TK-Leafy)
Complete Line (TK-Leafy)
Complete Line (TK-Leafy)
Product Code : TK-Leafy
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Complete line of the leafy vegetables washing machines consist of the following machines but to offerring the exact suitable machines to you,it is  better to saying us the specification,product capacity,kind of the products which to be washed,and if you have some special local condition 

1- Six or eight stands preparing table model IN-36

application: cleaning of the vegetables by the labors .it could have upto three conveyer belts to feeding and retuning of the waste vegetables.

2- Feeding device model FH-71

application: the cleaned vegetables would be delivered to the this machine and then this machine will feed the washing tank gradually.

3- Washing tank model LW-44 with filter to removing of the insect ,hair and mud and un-wanted objects

application: first step of the washing also removing of the insects,hair,mud and etc

4- Inspection table model IN-34

application: inspection to seperating of the damaged vegetables.

5- Disinfection tank model LW-42 with conveyer

application: washing ,disinfection and final rinsing of the vegetable .Regarding to your local condition of the water or vegetables,you may need two unit from this machine.

6- Wahing tank model LW-41

application: final washing by the clean water also final removing of the un-wanted meterials from the vegetables.For high delivery capacity ,you may need two tanks instead.

7- Dewatering model DW-11 programable for various vegetables.

application: dewatering of the washed vegetables.

8- vegetable cutters model VC-14

application: cutting or slicing of the vegetables.


* input capacity about 500-1000 KG per hour

* Made of the 304 stanless steel sheets.

* Water consumption about 400-500 liter per hour and power consumption about 23 KW/H.

* Air compressor with 3 bar pressure is needed.

* All parts are washables

You could view specification of the machines by clicking HERE !!! 


Features Machine wash vegetables and fruits
Design : TK-Leafy
System Performance : Bubbling system
Capacity : 500 KG per hour
Power Requirements : 23 KW per hour
Weight : 0
Application : washing,disinfection,,removing of the un-wanted materials
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