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Washing tank- Lw-44
Washing tank- Lw-44
Washing tank- Lw-44
Washing tank- Lw-44
Washing tank- Lw-44
Product Code : LW-44
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Vegetable washer LW series
 Suitable for leafy vegetables
 Continuous circulating water washing
 Air pressure with bubbling effectü Mechanical filter
 Minimal water consumption because of recycling
 Stainless steel construction.
 Insect & hair remover system
 Dewatering conveyor belt
 Wastes sink for dirt, sand and etc. With screw device
Power consumption: 4.2 kWh
Water consumption: 60~ 80 Liter/h
Production rate: 300~2000 kg/h
Dimension: L 590  W 128 and L 183 CM

Application :leafy vegetable washing machine with insect and hair remover

With air bubbling  and water filtering  system

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Features Machine wash vegetables and fruits
Design : LW-44
Capacity : KG per hour 500-700
Application : Vegetable washing with insect and hair remover
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5.5/10 (Number of Voters 29 Person )
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